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Do you ever get that nagging, anxious feeling that life is moving by way too fast?  ME TOO! Like. Every. Day.  One day I heard that we have about 29,000 days in our lives.  It freaked me out!  What am I doing with my days?  Is it good enough?  How do I slow things down?  But then I realized, all any of us can do is be present, fully love the ones around us, make beautiful memories and make sure to capture some of those memories too.  Pictures of you are your legacy.  They are a preservation of memories, a time and place, that will never happen again.  They are something to be enjoyed in your lifetime and then to be passed down to future generations for them to enjoy as well.  Pictures truly are an investment.

So, let’s set up a time to preserve some of those memories for you!

Portrait sessions are $450 and Wedding packages start at $2000.

*all wedding packages and portrait sessions include digital files.