The Koral Family

Ahhh this family is so awesome! We did a last minute shoot before I headed out of town to Michigan and mom got their outfits picked out and perfectly coordinated in 2 days! She deserves a prize for that in itself. On top of that, we had a severe storm looming over St. Louis the entire day and they totally kept their cool. I had been following the weather and was pretty confident we could make it through the shoot before the storm came. And we did! About two minutes after we ended the shoot and we were in our cars, it started to rain. I love it when things work out so nicely. Anyways, this family is awesome for so many other reasons than the two I just listed. They are so kind and loving, it really is a privilege to take their pictures. I love the way they interact with each other. I love the way they snuggle up to each other. I love the way they play together. And I really love the way Greta squeezes the heck out of her baby brother to show him how much she loves him. Enjoy this sweet family!  st-louis-family-photographer-portrait-lifestyle-photography_0014st-louis-family-photographer-portrait-lifestyle-photography_0015st-louis-family-photographer-portrait-lifestyle-photography_0016st-louis-family-photographer-portrait-lifestyle-photography_0017st-louis-family-photographer-portrait-lifestyle-photography_0018st-louis-family-photographer-portrait-lifestyle-photography_0019st-louis-family-photographer-portrait-lifestyle-photography_0020st-louis-family-photographer-portrait-lifestyle-photography_0021st-louis-family-photographer-portrait-lifestyle-photography_0022st-louis-family-photographer-portrait-lifestyle-photography_0023st-louis-family-photographer-portrait-lifestyle-photography_0024st-louis-family-photographer-portrait-lifestyle-photography_0025st-louis-family-photographer-portrait-lifestyle-photography_0026st-louis-family-photographer-portrait-lifestyle-photography_0027

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